Thanks to everyone who made the 2023 Banquet a success!


Especially Sonny, Dwayne And Caroline for everything they do for all of us all year long, year after year. Some of the best people around!

Everyone had a great time at the banquet, easy to do in a room full of champions!

Thanks to our host Joe Aiello and our special guest Mark Chipman

Congrats to all of our winners!

Award Winners 2022/23


MVP – #9 Braxton Taylor
MIP – #6 Ben Lightfoot
Hardest Working Player – #8 Bradley Janzen
Most Sportsmanlike Player – #2 Will Sedleski
Don Hutchinson Award – #4 Everhett Weiser


MVP – #7 Francesco De Luca
MIP – #19 Easton Therrien
Hardest Working Player – #8 Drayson Day
Most Sportsmanlike Player – #9 Santana Pangilinan


MVP – #10 Gavin Salamacha
MIP – #16 Dylan Knutt
Hardest Working Player – #7 Nolan Day
Most Sportsmanlike Player – #13 Brendan Peacock


lan Morden Award – Jillian McDougall

Tim Vandal Award – Avery Read U18 HC

Canadians Commitee Bursary – Gavin Picklyk #5 U13

St. James Canucks Award – Nolan Day U18 #7


Thanks to all the volunteers that helped out throughout the season! Wouldn’t be possible without you!

And last but not least, thank you to all the coaches and managers for all of the hours and effort involved. We can never appreciate you enough.


U13 – Ryan Grobety, Brad Porath, Colby Taylor, Inga Johnson

U15 – Matt Mason, Sam Klack, Ryan Bowen, Danny Galloway, Andrew Neil

U18 – Avery Read, Cam Brakel Chase Brakel Graeme, Shingleton, Trish Brown


Hope everyone has a great summer!

Love, The Canadians Committee

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